The concept of green and healthy living has nowadays also entered mainstream thinking. It is impacting our workplaces and our diets, and our homes. In case you’ve been thinking about how you can make the best choices for both the environment and your family, you don’t need to look any further. We’ve done a lot of research and came up with 5 quite simple solutions to make your home more sustainable.

Green Living – Sustainable House

1. Choose Always Sustainable Systems
Generally, this is what comes to people’s minds when they think of green living but bear in mind that sustainability doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to install solar panels and live entirely off the grid. On a small scale, if you select energy-efficient appliances and a slow-flow shower head you will as well be reducing your impact.

Individuals who worry about how much it would cost to implement this sort of sustainable systems may give a thought to the savings in the long run. A recent Pacific Northwest National Laboratory study indicated that environment-friendly investments usually reduced utility costs by 15 percent when compared to their traditional counterparts.

Green Living – Minimalist Dining Area

2. Think Minimalist
One thing is absolutely true about living green: Less is absolutely More. The days that you needed to stuff your home to the brim with clutter and tchotchkes are long gone. The modern-day trendsetter is instead focused on more minimalist aesthetics.

When we consider minimalist looks, it seems to be that we need to put function up front. When you are going through all of your home’s rooms, check out every item and consider if it serves any purpose that space. Maybe a few items are really referring to your personal touch or style, but you shouldn’t be hesitating to do away with things that are just taking up space.

Green Living – Recycled Materials Kitchen

3. Recycling is Good
One of the key components of Green Living is reusing existing items and products. When you want to do away with any surplus things in your house, consider if you could be re-purposing them in a different way.

For some people, this could mean that they use wall hangings in another room, and for others, this could mean adjusting an old dresser and giving it a new function as, for example, a desk. But, regardless of your personal taste and style, you shouldn’t be hesitant to take a few steps back and reconsider the things you already have in a different way.

Green Living – Natural materials In Your Dining Room

4. Natural Materials Are Great
When the time has come that you need to buy new stuff to design your home’s interior, you should choose various natural materials if possible. Whenever you can, you should choose design elements that are made of renewable resources such as marble countertops, terracotta flooring, and wooden furniture.

Choosing natural materials is a smart pick for various reasons. Because they are sustainable they should be preferred, but they also can be very stylish, and if you buy them from the proper vendor, for example, a second-hand shop or a small local business owner, you will often end up with better quality products at a better price than mass-produced items.

Green Living – Glass-walled Living Room

5. Make The Outside Shine In
How can we discuss Green Living if we wouldn’t do all that we can to incorporate all of nature’s beauty into our living environment whenever and wherever we can. We should always look for ways to use natural elements in our interior, but also develop the outdoor spaces. Thin about how to best install windows that allow for a maximum of natural light or, if possible, install large sliding glass doors to let the in- and outdoor spaces flow seamlessly. You can also add some plants to your indoor areas or fix up a patio. Plenty of options!

What’s your idea for embracing green living?