Plastic is all around us. It is existent in practically all things, but if we want to deal with plastic and all its waste in the world we are faced with almost impossible tasks. Whether it concerns recycling strategies, or in terms of pollution in our oceans and seas, plastics form an enormous threat to our environment. And as the challenges are ongoing, we all should be aware that it is crucial that we all are making the best efforts we can to reduce the use of plastics everywhere.

The world is starting to realize the importance of these severe environmental issues. There are world-wide panels on climate change, and gradually but surely it is becoming clearly visible how bad or earlier choices have been as they prove to be an increasing and serious threat to our environment.

Polluting plastics can be categorized into macro-, meso-, and micro-debris, depending on what size of plastic product we’re talking about. Plastics have the capacity to have a serious effect on oceans, lands, waterways, and humans health in general, and plastic is contributing for some 10 percent of the world’s discarded waste.

Each year on New Year’s Eve, we are making some pompous resolutions like getting a slimmer body, losing 10 extra pounds, or making a trip around the world. Though these resolutions may sound fantastic, they are usually hard to keep. So, instead of making these overbearing resolves, we also can try to do something more realistic, and that can help us clean up our environment and lead more sustainable lives. So when the New Year is there, we may as well welcome the ‘Less is More’ mantra. Change to a resolve that will support you to lead a healthier life and that will stimulate you to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle with a lot less plastic!

Say NO to the use of plastic bags

When you go out shopping, just act like a pro. Bring your own bags instead of using one-way plastic bags. It is perfectly okay to refuse plastic bags, as they are contributing to the enormous problem of plastic pollution, and generally will end up polluting our oceans, threatening our planet’s precious marine life.

Say a big NO to chewing gums

Indeed, you should really say a big ‘NO’ to using chewing gums. They are produced from synthetic rubber based on butadiene, and these rubbers are actually polymers that can not be solved or diluted in water. Once chewing gums have dried out, they are difficult and expensive to remove, and the properties of gums are comparable to those of plastics.

Say YES to baked good

If you can, buy bakery products. Not only will you get guaranteed freshness, but generally, these products are sold in paper, not in plastic. So instead of bread that’s being sold in a plastic bag, go to a bakery for bread or other products. To that comes that the chance that your bread goes bad in a plastic bag is much higher than when bread in wrapped in a clean cloth. It will remain fresh much longer!

Choose glass bottles rather than plastic ones

Plastics are made from a variety of materials. Various toxins that discharge from plastics are believed to cause several disorders in humans and other living creatures such as cancers and infertility. It is not only environmentally better to use glass bottles than plastic bottles, it is also much safer, and glass is one hundred percent recyclable. Glass bottles also require less energy to recycle and it is perfectly safe to re-use them.

Bring on the creative side in you

Be creative when it comes to leading a less plastic-focused life. When you are giving a present, you should use paper or cloth for decorations, and when you get some toys for your pets, think of cloth-based items and whenever possible, try to use batteries that are rechargeable. It may also be a good idea to convert your old clothes into decorative shopping bags or bring them to a thrift store rather than dumping them.

Demand ice-cream in a cone

When you’re buying ice-cream, ask for a cone. Instead of getting ice cream in a cup or an ice popsicle wrapped in plastic, you should insist on getting it served in a cone. Not only will you be treating yourself, you’re also be treating Mother Nature in a better way.


If you adopt the ‘Less is More’ philosophy, not only will you save a lot of money and lead a healthier life, you as well will be helping to reduce the immense problem of plastic usage. If you strive for a plastic-free world, you are serving a worthwhile goal. You will notice that every year, it will become easier to stick to these principles, so, when the New Year approaches, we should all go and work towards a world that will be less plastic-polluted and begin to live more sustainable lives.