Green Building Myths – Fact and Fiction

– The Big Green Home Myth and The Real Green Revolution – How to Separate Fact from Fiction
We can find more and more marketing hype (Fiction) and quite a lot of good stuff (Facts) out there as a result of the current interest in Green Homes by consumers.

Some years ago, when we brought up how energy-efficient or maintenance-free our homes were, nobody seemed to care and it looked like everybody kind of tuned us out. These days they are paying much more attention when we inform them about all the fantastic things we could do to make their home more energy-efficient and reduce their operating and maintenance costs.

The trouble is that these days everyone seems to have jumped on the Green Building Band Wagon and that it is getting harder to separate Facts from Fiction. Facts: all the good things that will seriously make your home more energy-efficient and save you a lot of money. Fiction: the marketing hype that only wants to get your buck and does not care for your return on investment.

– Do not believe everything you read or see on TV – Windows

Ads proclaiming that your house is energy-inefficient merely because the windows are older than ten years old are pure fiction. The fact is that energy-efficient windows have been available for many years and the only relevant question really is whether your construction company used the cheapest material or not. In case he used a good quality window with a good energy rating, there is no reason to replace your windows. So be sure that you really require new windows before shelling out money that may not make any difference in your bills.

– Claims that things after a few years should routinely be replaced are Fiction – Heat and Air Systems
Of course, it is true that in recent years significant gains were made in the efficiency of heat and air units. Now when it is also a fact that your home included the best equipment and installation techniques when it was constructed ten years ago, it for sure will not be cost-effective to exchange the system.

At the same time, in case your unit is used up or was poor quality to begin with, replacing it will be an improvement that, if done right, will repay itself in a short period of time. Only then can you save a lot of money over future years.

– They tell you: you’ll need a new roof – Fiction
In case your home is under thirty years old and somebody informs you that you will need a new roof, go get a second opinion. Properly built homes come with good quality roofing materials. If everything was accurately installed, your roof should last well over thirty years.

Rather than wasting your money on replacing a roof that really doesn’t need it, be wise and use that money to put in thermostatic roof vents. This way you can really save money on your energy bills.