The Sustainable Whidbey Coalition was a network of leaders directly involved in fostering sustainability on Whidbey Island. The Coalition was formed in the fall of 2007 as a significant collaborative response to global climate change and local implications.

Business owners of South Whidbey Island, WA, discussed projects and initiatives which have transformed and enhanced the relationships and culture of this small community, from an email list which brings consumers and businesses together to a commercial kitchen and bakery rolled into one. The recurring theme was one of deep connection: that we’re “in this together,” and “together, we are stronger.”

Sustainable Living and Career Building

If we can successfully build up sustainable habits, our conscious and instinctive mindsets will be in harmony without raising any conflict. If green living is important to you, consider changing your career, and when you need your GED diploma to do so, check out the website for free online support so you can actively get involved in sustainable industries. The Best GED Classes practice tests are free and they are really a great help.

CEC- A NW Washington Green Jobs and Energy Efficiency Program

There was an opportunity on Whidbey Island to reduce energy use, save money, improve comfort, increase home value, and protect our environment. It’s called the Community Energy Challenge (CEC), and it is providing homes and small businesses with technical expertise and financial assistance to cut back energy use and start saving.

What is the CEC?

The Community Energy Challenge is an initiative to reduce consumption of electricity and natural gas by making energy efficiency affordable, accessible, and attractive for businesses and households throughout NW Washington. This project is a partnership between the Opportunity Council and Sustainable Connections and is already saving homes and businesses more than $325,000 in energy costs per year.

The Community Energy Challenge makes achieving energy efficiency as easy as possible from start to finish. We provide each participating household and business with quality information, a full energy assessment, a customized energy action plan detailing cost-effective measures, assistance with utility and tax rebates, reliable contractors, and quality assurance.

How did it work?

It started with a home assessment. A certified building analyst performs an extensive on-site assessment, including five hours of diagnostic testing. The building analyst evaluates the current condition of the home, determining insulation levels, air leakage, heating and cooling system function, as well as any other potential energy losses.

Following the assessment, a Home Energy Advisor meets personally with each participant to explain the results and provide recommendations for improvement. The CEC also connects homeowners with financial incentives and rebates, qualified contractors to do the recommended retrofits, and provides 100% quality assurance on all work done through the program.

A similar suite of services is available to small businesses at no cost.

Energy efficiency has never been easier!

If you are interested in scheduling an assessment or would like to learn more fill out the form below to find out how the Community Energy Challenge can help you start saving today!

Get Inspired! Every Little Thing Adds To The BIG Picture!

The concept of green and healthy living has nowadays also entered mainstream thinking. It is impacting our workplaces and our diets, and our homes. In case you’ve been thinking about how you can make the best choices for both the environment and your family, you don’t need to look any further. We’ve done a lot of research and came up with five quite simple solutions to make your home more sustainable.